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Officer Edward Witko

School Resource Officers

Town of East Greenbush
The East Greenbush Police Department is a compact law inforcement agency providing the town, public, residents and businesses 24 hour a day public safety services. The police department is under the direction of the Chief of Police.

East Greenbush is one of dozens of towns which comprise the territory around and between the three major cities of Albany, Schenectady, and Troy, otherwise known as the Capital District. Although the population of the town is small compared to the neighboring cities, literally thousands of people live, work, and travel through East Greenbush daily.

Program Implementation
The SRO (School Resource Officer) program began in East Greenbush Central School District at the beginning of the September 2000-2001 school year. The East Greenbush Police Department in conjunction with the East Greenbush Central School District collectively worked together and submitted a grant proposal to the United States Department of Justice. The three year grant proposal was approved, and the Town received the federal funds to the program.

The purpose of this program is to provide a police officer to district school available as a resource to the administrators, faculty, staff and most of all the students. East Greenbush police officers have been visible and instructing in the district since the early 1980's when the first drug awareness program was introduced. Now, there is a more structured and organized system in place which has built on the rapport that the police department and school district share.

The SRO will be working within the schools of the district during the schools operational hours. The School Resource Office is located in the High School. The SRO is available to assist with classroom topics relating to law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Students are encouraged to contact the SRO should they have any questions, concerns, or need help with a school project.

All building administrators have been supplied with a specific and detailed procedure, through which they will be able to contact the SRO. A system of cellular phones, voice mail, and pagers are in use by the SRO at all times.

Who Are They?
School Resource Officers are certified New York State Police Officers that are employed by the Town of East Greenbush Police Department. SRO's are veteran officers assigned to the Youth Services Bureau of the police department. Certifications include D.A.R.E. Instructor training, School Resource Officer training and various juvenile related training. They also handle the majority of the juvenile related matters of the department.

Prior to 1950: No police officers were assigned specifically to schools, they came into schools on special requests only.
First SRO: First ever known SRO was established in the late 1950's in Flint, Michigan. Their goal for the program was to improve the relationship between the police department and the youth of the school district. They were followed by Tucson, Arizona in 1963, Cincinnati, Ohio in 1967, Los Angeles, California in 1968 and Miami, Florida in 1969.
2000: The East Greenbush Police Department in conjunction with the East Greenbush Central School District are the first within Rensselaer County to establish such a program, and the first within the Capital Region to institute such a program under the United States Department of justice guidelines.

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